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  1. Last Saturday night was hella fun. Great way to start off sem break—celebrating freedom with a couple of your best friends and a couple of drinks. (No, they’re not the same thing.) And of course, celebrating the special days of two incredibly special people!

    So we had an unusually expensive dinner in Italianni’s (But no, I didn’t spend a buck. Who needs to when there’s free bread?) to celebrate Kim’s 19th. We moved on to Happy Lemon to get a salty-cheesy fix—and a special greeting from the cashier. Then what happened next can be summed up under the word kasabawan.

    Before the clock struck twelve, the gang was at Cantina. And just in time, Cinderella CJ came in to cement his spot at the upper age bracket in our barkada. I kid. The rest, I’d have to say, was left up to the alcohol. Amen.


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